College Considerations

Educational Consulting

Main Goals:

 Help students identify and gain admission to colleges at which they will be successful and happy;

 Help students discover and take advantage of educational opportunities within their schools and beyond.

 Prepare students for the kinds of applications they will likely face repeatedly in the years ahead - for colleges,       
​    scholarships, internships, jobs, graduate schools and/or distinguished fellowships.

 Use my experience to keep students organized and on track, thereby lowering stress for the whole family.

Main Services:

 Provide expert individualized advice to students and families. Teens often listen well to an outside voice;

 Guide middle and high school students towards educational choices which will serve them well.

 Help sophomores and juniors develop skills, sequence courses, and plan effective standardized testing.

 Help high school seniors shape compelling and effective college applications – avoiding red flags.

 Work with seniors to identify and articulate their strengths and goals and to plan and edit their essays.

A Few Myths about College Admissions:

Myth: It’s the high school’s job to take care of college applications.

Fact: Guidance counselors have lots of competing demands on their time and many students to look after.

Myth: It’s more expensive to attend a private college or university than a public one.

Fact: For surprisingly many families, a private college is far less expensive than a public university.

 Myth: Good students are generally knowledgeable and sensible about the college application process.

Fact: Even good students procrastinate on writing essays, miss deadlines, and rely on misinformation from     
​    friends. College applications can lead good students to drive themselves and their parents crazy! 

How can I work with you and your family?

Many new clients don't yet know what services they may need or exactly what an educational consultant does - and that's fine!  I am happy to learn about your situation and explain some of the ways in which working with an educational consultant might be of value in the short, intermediate and long term. Please feel free to email or call me to discuss how I might be able to help you and your family. There is no obligation or cost for such inquiries. 

If you do decide you might like me to work with your family, you don't need to commit to a minimum number of hours. And if you choose to purchase a package of hours, unused hours are refundable.

My client families live across the U.S. and around the world. They work closely with me by phone, email, and/or Skype/chat. Some also meet with me in person. I have particular experience with gifted students and with enrichment programs.


Hourly rates and package rates available upon request


Telephone: 802 394 2525